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Mission Statement

To promote, perpetuate and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and environmental wonders of the Volcano area as an exceptional destination.

Our Vision

Experience Volcano Hawaii’s purpose is to promote and perpetuate the unique area of Volcano as a thriving community and gateway to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Our aim is to provide a dynamic and interactive visitor experience focused on the arts and sciences, Hawaiian culture, and the power of nature which are a vital part of both the Volcano area’s rich history and its future.

For over 150 years Volcano has been a destination that offers a personal experience of authentic Hawaiian hospitality at its best. Our goal is to maintain and strengthen the economic vitality of the Volcano area while enriching the cultural exchanges and experiences

between the people of Volcano and travelers from around the world.

Generations of visitors, residents and artists have been inspired to celebrate the natural and spiritual beauty of the lush Hawaiian rain forest and its ever-changing primal volcanic landscapes. With its twin designations as both a United Nations World Heritage Site and

 International Biosphere Reserve, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has received worldwide recognition for its unique

features that are worthy of protection and preservation.

Experience Volcano Hawaii and its participating members play a key role in interfacing with the Volcano community and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to protect, preserve and connect visitors to the environmental wonders, and perpetuate

the unique cultural life of this exceptional destination.

Founding Members

Experience Volcano Hawaii (EVH) has the following officers:

Jesse Tunison: President

Janet Coney: Vice-President

Lani Delapenia: Treasurer


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