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Communities are stronger together! Here in Volcano, community organizations help pave the way for all of us!

About Community Leadership

Community involvement is something that runs deep and strong here in Volcano! There are no shortages of ways to get involved in something that you're passionate about.

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Volcano Emergency Response Plan

What is the Volcano Emergency Response Plan?

The purpose of the Volcano Emergency Response Plan (VERP) is to identify potential disaster risks to the Volcano Community; define how individuals and groups within the community will prepare and respond to emergency situations; create an emergency organization that can respond to a disaster  event within the scope of the communities capabilities and resources; outline emergency response tasks and responsibilities; and define the conditions that would activate this plan. 

This plan will apply to all residents in the Volcano Community and generally covers the area from Kahauale`a Road (a.k.a. Akatsuka Road) to the 40 mile marker on Highway 11 (Volcano Golf Course entrance) and include Volcano Village, Volcano Farm Lots, Cymbidium Acres, Mauna Loa Estates, Ohia Estates, Volcano Golf Course, Royal Hawaiian Estates and Hawaiian Orchid Isle Estates. This plan may be implemented when emergency conditions, as defined in this plan, threaten or affect the population in any of the residential areas described above or the Volcano Community as a whole.

If you are a visitor to the Volcano Area please ask  your vacation rental with any further questions.

For the VERP website please visit:


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