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Community Involvement

Volcano Hawaii has a very passionate and driven community and "Experience Volcano Hawaii" is extending opportunities to individuals who wish to contribute to our future!

Experience Volcano Hawaii's Community Efforts Update

For COVID-19

Experience Volcano Hawaii has no employees, only volunteers. We are proud to talk with each other on an array of issues covering geological, sociological and community issues.  


Please find some time to explore this website where you will quickly became familiar with resources within our community that may assist your life in the coming weeks ahead.  THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED REGULARLY FOR YOUR BENEFIT!

Order Take Out Food

The dining options in Volcano Hawaii have come together to provide take out options that provide affordable and nutritious options for the community during COVID-19. 

All restaurants that offer take out.

 Below is a list of restaurants and others who provide those options:

Call all venues for updated menu options and prices.


Lava Rock Cafe:

Order ahead by calling (Kilauea General Store Pick-up)

Phone: +1 (808) 960-8526

Menus Available At:

Ohelo Cafe:

Order ahead by calling

Phone: +1 (808) 339-7865

Kilauea Lodge:

Order ahead by calling

Special take-out menu available is 15% off

Phone: +1 (808) 967-7366

Cafe Ono:

Take-out available Saturday & Sunday 11am-2pm

Phone: +1 (808) 985-8979

Menus Available At:

Tuk Tuk Thai Food Wagon:

Order ahead by calling

Take-out always available

Phone: +1 (808) 936-4684

Menu At:

Aunty Pon's Food Truck:

Order ahead by calling

Take-out always available

Phone: +1 (808) 785-5795

Big O’s Pizza At Kilauea General Store:

Order ahead by calling

Hours: 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Phone: +1 (808) 967-7555

Big O’s Sandwiches & Coffee At

Kilauea General Store:

Order ahead by calling

Take-out always available

Phone: +1 (808) 967-7555

List Of Business Closings

As Of  2023

Experience Volcano Hawaii has no employees, only volunteers. All of our efforts are aimed to ensure that our island community, visitors and residents are empowered through information. Please help us continue our efforts by donating below.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Experience Volcano Hawaii Lehua Icon (Tr

Food & Product Sources:

Here on the Big Island we have many local farmers and producers of fresh ingredients and resources who can supply you with supplies that you might need! 

 Take a look at the list of food and product providers that we have sourced for your convenience.

The Lili House Farm

Eggs and baked goods (Please provide 48 hours notice)

+1 (808) 315-1925

McCall’s Farm (Vegetables)

(Wednesday or Sunday Pickup)

Text order to +1 (808) 937-1056


Aloha Happy Ranch

(Available products listed on their Facebook page)

Call or text order to +1 (808) 989-5050


Banana Bill

+1 (808) 967-7785

Wynnwood Farms (Honey)

+1 (808) 747-7157


Uncle Sam (Papayas)

+1 (808) 959-9803


Yuliya Linzsey (Ukrainian Food)

+1 (808) 315-0469


Quentin "Chunky" (Qinories Hawaiian Take-Out)

+1 (808) 443-9955

Felix (Produce)

+1 (808) 494-4882

Grace Lyon (Vegetable Plants & Nursery Plants)

+1 (808) 756-4520

Kristin Frazier Cheek (Eggs)

+1 (808) 315-1062

Theo (Produce)

+1 (503) 412-9214

Kuahi Ranch (Beef)

+1 (808) 929-7333


Heather Nelson (Home Delivered Meals)

+1 (808) 634-6061


Ruth (Pork)

+1 (808) 854-4742

Corrina (Mexican Take-Out)

+1 (808) 769-9870


Papa’a Bakery

+1 (808) 935-5700


Georgette’s Bakery

+1 (808) 352-4190


Ka’u Coffee

+1 (808) 937-1106


Mona (Produce)

+1 (808) 936-5986


ITC Premium Select Teas

+1 (808) 895-8862

4 Da Love of Chocolate

+1 (808) 464-5545

Lava Paws (Pet Supplies)

+1 (808) 333-7588

Michael Kirby (Eggs, Fresh Herbs, Lemons, Plums)

+1 (808) 313-0101

Experience Volcano Hawaii Lehua Icon (Tr

Food Security & Aid Resources

Activate Hawaii Aid

COVID-19 Emergency Assistance

(focusing on food security)

Hawaii Food Basket

(Also provides information about SNAP benefits)

Our Kupuna (Over Age 65)

(Once a week grab food or supplies)

Call (808) 400-4506

Cooper Center Farmers Market

Each Sunday 6:00am-10:00am

At this time Cooper Center's Farmers Market on Sundays will continue. Vendors will be spaced out to address health concerns. Parking may be limited. Updates will be posted here as we get them. 

Experience Volcano Hawaii Lehua Icon (Tr

Below are a list of online links that can help you find secure and accurate information here on the Big Island:

Big Island Video News

Hawaii County Of Civil Defense

State Of Hawaii

Hawaii News Now (Channel 9)


Hawaii Tracker

Hawaii Public Radio

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