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Lava Flow Hikes & Exploration

The Beginnings Of Hawaii

Lavaflows old or new, they are the foundations of the Hawaiian Island chain, so naturally this is where life in Hawaii began. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the Big Island of Hawaii offers you the full array of the volcanic landscape.

With descriptions so vast they could never fit on this page, the best thing for us to say is try to visit them all!

Here is a list of Lavaflows that we highly recommend on Hawaii Island:

Mau Loa o Mauna Ulu


Holei Pali

Ka Lae Apuki

Devastation Trail


Kau Desert Trailhead

There are many more! So explore a lavaflow when you see one!

Operated By The National Park Service

Contact Information:

Phone: +1 (808) 985-6000

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