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Mike Boucher


Raku Pottery & Sculpting, Tech

Phone: (808) 896-0060
Artist Bio:

Mike received his BFA in 1990 from California State University East Bay with an emphasis on ceramic art under the tutelage of Clayton Bailey. With works sold and on display in galleries throughout Northern California over the years, Mike continues to express his artistic works in many ceramic forms including casting, sculpture, and functional ware and Modern Raku with extremely dynamic and beautiful results.

In 2014, Mike escaped to Hawaii from the U.S. Mainland after an intense period of working in the corporate world. High up in the rainforest community of Volcano Hawaii, Mike states “We couldn’t ask for more.” Today, Mike and his wife Susan continue to express themselves artistically. In addition to their artistic lives they run the STVR; Alii Kane Cottages, a lovely collection of rentals nestled into the rainforest in Volcano.


Mike also is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist that keeps our community running on Microsoft.


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About Mike's Work
Mikes ceramic raku art includes amazing bowls, vases, cups and decorative works that are available in Hawaii at the Volcano Art Center.
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Alii Kane Cottages:
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