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The Volcano Man

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Photographed By Jesse Tunison

By: Brad Lewis​

Brad Lewis 7/6/18

There’s a whole lot of shaking going on. I welcome the shaking. Every time I feel the big one of the day, I feel relief. The pressure is being mitigated regularly and gently. I mean, if we are going to have a summit collapse anyway, isn't this the best case scenario? The vibrations look like an EKG of a healthy heart. I would be worried if I didn't feel the constant earthquakes. Kilauea Volcano is just doing its thing, like it has done for the last 3-600,000 years. Frankly, I’d rather be shaken than stirred.

I came to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1982. It was supposed to be a quick trip, a break from the Alaskan winter, where I was living. The ongoing eruption of Kilauea Volcano began a few months after my arrival to Hawaii. Being surrounded by the beauty of nature has always been a priority. That is what inspired me to go to Alaska, and years later, to Hawaii. Kilauea Volcano has a lot to do with this. Chasing liquid light has been an exciting passion. The opportunity to record the many faces of creation and to explore this mesmerizing landscape is a privilege I will continue to pursue.

Editors Note:

​Brad​ has photographed the Kilauea Volcano eruption since 1983, when it first erupted from the Puu Oo Vent, 10 miles down hill from the summit of the ​volcano.​ Brad continues to photograph the changes occurring at the eruption and ocean entry, the collapse of the Puu​ ​Oo Vent​,​ and the major collapse of the Halemaumau Crater at the summit of Kilauea Vocano.​

Brad's images have appeared on the covers of a number of magazines, including Life, Nature's Best, Terra, within the pages of National Geographic, Time, Outside, Fortune, Newsweek, Stern, Men's Journal, Islands, and many other publications. His most recent cover image is on National Geographics' "Best Pictures of the Year".

See Brad's stunning photographs ​on his website, 

Images are owned by G. Brad Lewis & Jesse Tunison


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